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CG File Explorer 18 Installation Guide

Hello and welcome to the guide for the correct installation of CG File Explorer for FIFA 18!


English Tutorial-Guide

German Tutorial-Guide


  1. Make sure that you have the newest version of FIFA 18
    1. So to make sure, open Origin and press the “repair” button on the selected FIFA 18 game to check if everything is okay
    2. You also need to have an unmodded Game – so download this “initfs_Win32” file and replace the original file it the “Origin Games/FIFA 18/Data” folder
  2. After this important step you need to give all Admin rights to the FIFA 18 main Folder!
    1. For that first navigate to you “Origin Games” folder and right click “FIFA 18” and select properties
    2. Now select the “Security” Tab – and click “Advanced”
    3. “Allow” all Permissions for every creator (so there should not be a checked box in “Deny”
    4. Press “Apply” and close that window
  3. Now you need to go to the System Control Panel (you can skip this step after the newest update)
    1. select “Clock, Language and Region”
    2. Click on Region and select “English (Great Britain)”
    3. Now reboot your system
  4. Now you are ready for the CGFE 18 – Download the newest version here
    1. Extract the .rar
    2. start the installation as an administrator
    3. After the installation is complete make sure to start the CGFE 18 as Administrator everytime
      1. right click the CGFE 18 Shortcut and select “advanced”
      2. now check “run as administrator”
      3. save it and close the window
  5. Now start the CGFE 18
    1. after a few seconds a window pops up – select the FIFA 18.exe (its inside the FIFA 18 Main folder we used some steps ago)
    2. Now select “none” if you want to create a new mod, or select “import patch” when you want to load a cgp file
    3. “make sure that the “Load mod into Explorer” is alway checked
    4. Press select and wait – it will take very very long … for me about 7 minutes


When you have troubles with the installation – just join my discord server – read the rules to see how to get unlocked – and write what you need

Thankl you very much for reading!