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Patch Graphics into the game!

Patch Graphics into the game!

As you all may know – there was a tool in FIFA 16 (and previous versions of the game) called CreationMaster. This tool allowed us to change nearly every single graphic in the whole game. Since FIFA 17 it isnt that easy anymore – because the new Engine has different and harder to read files. But the time is near and soon we will be able to make new graphics – like new Kits, Balls, Boots, Gloves, Banner and others – to patch them into the new game 🙂 who else is interested in stuff like that?

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3 Gedanken zu „Patch Graphics into the game!

AntoninoGeschrieben am  3:56 pm - Dez 20, 2017

my first concern is goalnets

michael cabuayGeschrieben am  1:47 am - Jan 19, 2018

yes I am very interested in this

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