Welcome to the #ModOfDreams!

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ModOfDreams 6.0 Beta is released!

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Hi! This is the #ModOfDreams - i am happy to see you here!

The #ModOfDreams is the biggest Mod for FIFA 18 - it contains over 13 GB (no panic - the ModFiles have only arround 500 MB - because it is compressed ) of new files like Graphics, unlocked Database, Balls, Banners, Hairstyles, Faces, Teams, Banner, Crests, Kits, Adboards, Crowd, Tournaments,.... and so on - much to find here!

Dont forget to read the informations to get the mod work perfect for you!

The Downloads Contains 2 Mods  - you need to install and activate both to make the mod work 100%

For Cracked Version may use only Part 1 - the other Part (2) is Database stuff and not working well: Notice - i will not answer questions about the Update - i have the original game and i dont know how the Cracked Version works!

  1. Download the #ModOfDreams
  2. Extract the .rar
  3. Now you see 4 Files (Part 1 and Part 2 + 2 archives)
  4. Delete your Moddata Folder in FIFA 18 Main Folder (only if it already exist)
  5. Open a working Version of Mod Manager as Admin (if you dont have it - you find the frosty tool here)
  6. Drag and drop all the 4 Files into ModManager and you will get 2 Mods (or add it in the Program if Drag and Drop dont work)
  7. Now activate all the Mods by double clicking them
  8. At least Press the Button "Launch" inside ModManager and wait until the game started
Here are VideoTutorials: Installation Tutorial (deutsch) Installation Tutorial (english)

Download 5.1 (5.5.18) 

Download 6.0 Beta (7.6.18)

You only need the newest Version! - Just delete all older version from ModManager!

If you have Problems with the installation just join my discord channel! You can find many Fixes there!

If they dont work - just write me your questions there!

When you found some Bugs or have any ideas for the Mod just write me on my Discord Channel!

Discord Channel

If you want to create a Mod on yourself dont forget to watch my tutorials here:  Youtube and also download this tools: Modding Tools

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